Hillary Clinton Suffering From Serious Neurological Disease

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NEW YORK – Two physicians agree Hillary Clinton is suffering a serious neurological disease that should disqualify her from being president.

Theodore “Ted” Noel, a retired anesthesiologist in Orlando, Florida, with 36 years experience and a background in critical care medicine explained to WND he was so convinced Clinton has Parkinson’s disease that he has now produced several videos arguing that point.

Dr. Daniel Kassicieh, D.O., a dual board-certified osteopathic neurologist and a leading headache specialist who directs the Florida Headache and Movement Disorder Center in Sarasota, Florida, told WND that while he agrees she has a neurological disease, he believes it is not Parkinson’s.

Whatever the precise diagnosis, the physicians separately have come to the conclusion she has a serious neurological disease that should medically disqualify her from being president.

Kassicieh told WND the concussion Clinton suffered in December 2012 that led to a serious blood clot requiring hospitalization may also have caused her to suffer post-concussion syndrome.

The symptoms include confusion, headaches and dizziness, he said, and the long-term consequences are mental impairment and loss of memory, which could be precursors of dementia.

“An individual who suffers from post-concussion syndrome is not medically qualified to be president,” Kassicieh said. “Minimal cognitive syndrome can be a warning precursor to dementia.” Full Report

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