Horrifying video of man and woman being gang raped goes viral in Kenya

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Yesterday a horrifying video of a man and woman being gang raped in Bombolulu Mombasa Kenya surfaced online and quickly went viral across social media platforms.

According to source familiar with the incident, the husband of the woman in the video had suspected of her cheating on their marriage.

He thus set a plan with his friends and on the fateful night, allegedly caught them in the act. His ‘plan’ of vengeance involved getting his friends to rape the woman and sodomize the man, all caught on video.

It is sad that we live in a world where someone will conspire such an act against, participate, shoot video and even go as far as sharing it in social media.

Kenyans quickly took to social media to condemn the barbaric act and call for the arrest of the suspects.

We caution you to please not try to search for the video as it’s content is extremely graphic, traumatizing to say the least.

Truly, love has gone cold. We are truly living in the end times.

We do not have all the facts including if it is true that the two were caught. And even if they were, the Christian way is ‘go and sin no more’. We all are sinners and have fallen short of the glory of God. So while we are not condoning what the two did, we absolutely and in the strongest ways possible condemn what the husband and his gang did.

We kindly request you all to remember the victims of this atrocity in your prayers. They clearly need medical help and counselling to get through this traumatic tragedy.

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