Houston Flooding Is The 8th Historic Flood To Hit America Since The End Of September

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(Michael Snyder) Why has the United States been hit by historic flood after historic flood in recent months? The flooding that is pummeling the city of Houston is the 8th historic flood in this country since the end of September. City officials down in Houston have labeled the flooding that is currently slamming the city “a life-threatening emergency“, and they are insisting that “Houston residents should avoid travel at all costs today.” At this point, dozens of subdivisions have been flooded and major sections of Interstate 10 and Interstate 45 are under water near downtown.

Authorities are telling us that water is getting to areas that it has never been before, and Fire Department spokesman Jay Evans announced that the water is already 10 to 15 feet deep in some areas. But even though some parts of Houston have already gotten close to 20 inches of rain within the last 24 hours, there is more rain in the forecast, so this crisis is far from over. The giant storm that has caused all of this rain was a complete surprise to many residents of Houston. A lot of people woke up on Monday morning to discover that their neighborhoods now resembled Waterworld. The following comes from the Chicago Tribune…FULL REPORT

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