How gay marriages will lead to Christian persecution in America

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Have we been looking at all this wrong? One thing we know for sure is that America and the Catholic Church will play a great role in the end times.

America has legalized gay marriages in all the states. This means, it is now a ‘constitutional right’ for any gay couple to get married anywhere in the US. This also means that anyone against homosexuality (commonly refered to as homophobes or bigots) will be contravening another person’s constitutional right and such person can be sued.

In other words, being gay is now the same as slavery. Denying someone any form of service based on skin colour is a crime in the US. It is called racism. And now, denying anyone service based on such person being gay will be a crime. It is discrimination.

Recently in the news, a couple was sued for refusing to bake a gay themed cake for a gay wedding. The couple did not refuse the gay couple (did not discriminate against them). Should they have asked for any cake, they would have made it. They refused to make a cake that contravened their religious beliefs and were taken to court for it.

That was before the Supreme Court ruling. Simply put, it is going to get worse. Gayism unlike slavery and racism is something that touches on ones religious and moral beliefs. It is something that will tear most Christians apart.

The Bible is clear on homosexuality. The Bible is also clear to all Christians. We are to teach, we are to call out sin for what it is, we are to keep ourselves away from the works of darkness. In other words, we are to teach to people what sin is and if such people choose to repent, we are to walk with them and if they choose not to, just like Christ we are to declare, Get behind me thee Satan!

Now in America (and soon the rest of the world), being a Christian is a crime. The issue of separation of Church and State will go before the Courts soon. Why? Cos gay couples will demand their constitutional right to get married in Churches. Yes. They already crossed that bridge when they tried to claim the Bible supports them.

A pastor who refuses to wed a gay couple will be sued for discrimination. A Christian reading the bible out loud on certain texts of the bible that condemn homosexuality will be sued for spreading discriminatory ‘outdated’ homophobic ideas etc.

America has opened a can of worms for Christian. The devil now has all the ammunition to attack the Church. One by one, Churches will find it easier to accept this and survive.

Most churches will, especially those churches that are not strongly founded on biblical principles. If a church worships on Sunday, and the pastor’s income is from the offerings, most pastors will alter their teachings to accomodate the millions of gay and lesbian couples in their churches to survive. Christianity as we know it is on its death bed. These are the days that Christ spoke of.

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