Hungarian parliament passes Sunday shopping ban

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Hungary’s Fidesz-KDNP-controlled parliament passed a law on Monday requiring most shops to remain closed on Sundays.  The law was sponsored by the Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP) and comes into force next March 15.  From then on, electronic, specialized and convenience stores whose floor area exceeds 400 square meters are to remain closed on Sundays.   Sundays in December will be exempt from the law.  Affected store owners may choose one additional Sunday each year to remain open.

The law does not apply to pharmacies, airport and train station shops, gas stations or stadium buffets.  Or major Fidesz supporters, like CBA, a Hungarian-owned chain of grocery stores, few of which are situated in shopping malls and all of which are under 400 sqm.

Penalties for failing to comply range from one-week temporary closure to suspension for a year after four infringements. The law also outlaws most 24-hour shops in Hungary, maximizing opening hours from 6am – 10pm on weekdays and Saturdays.

Small shops of less than 200 square meters will also be exempt from the regulation on the condition that their employees are all family members.  Shops selling exclusively bread and dairy products will be allowed to open on Sundays between 5am and noon.

The four Sundays preceding Christmas are exempt from the shopping ban, and all retailers will be allowed to open their doors once a year on a Sunday of their choosing.

Whichever reasoning behind the legislation, for any Christian who reads their bibles, these are signs of the end. A time when such legislation start happening, it is only a short time before they hit your country and Sunday becomes a mandatory day of rest not God’s Sabbath.

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  1. i think there main practices relating to end times but looking at Christianity average Sunday is considered as a fellowship day. if that is now considered as a mandatory i would like to hear more about it before really assuming it as one of the very signs of the end times because in other ways you will find that in most companies employees are now being ordered to work even on Sunday which is not a choice to do so and they have made it to be a bonus day for example if pay day i’m marked K638.50 or US$100 / 9 hours of work on Sunday it will x2. so if that can be in case of this the i’m sure there is just a few considerations which needs to be properly heard into consideration. since i’m not really sure i end here