If Only they could speak

2 min

While reading my morning’s devotion, the last book of John’s Gospel, the thought occurred, “If only they could speak to us, today, what would they say regarding our understanding?”

Think about it. There is “one” Word. There is “one” Spirit. There is “one” Christ. Yet, we have so many differing beliefs of what each “one” has said. What is even more ludicrous is even within the “one” body of believers, a denomination, there are still more than “one” understanding and, my friends, this should not be.

I could imagine listening to Paul speak to those who have differed from his original meaning regarding the Sabbath say, “No, that was not what I meant at all!” The only time we hear a different word coming from the Disciples is when they were informed one of them would betray Him. Then the focus became each one wondering if it were them, not someone else. I think too much focus is being placed on what “others” think and say, and not where it should be, on what “we” think and say. If I would spend adequate time in learning the Scriptures for myself and stop meddling in the affairs and thoughts of others, then maybe within myself, there could be “one” Word, Spirit and Christ. And perhaps, just perhaps, if others follow the same rule, there could be “oneness” within the body and a furtherance of doing the work Christ has given us to do would be accomplished and we can get up from this place and move to the next stage called, “eternity”!

Moses would assure us God gave the Commandments in the beginning and Adam and Eve kept it with God and not the mistaken view it was only given at Mt. Sinai. Paul would, of course, agree with Moses because they both knew what they were talking about, but it is the majority of us who can’t seem to get it right! Can you imagine Moses looking you dead in the eye and say, “That’s not what I wrote!” Can you imagine Paul shaking his head, looking at you and say, “That’s not what I meant!” No wonder Christ can stand on that day and look to many of us and say, “I never knew you!” The worse four words anyone could hear being directed at themselves.

We don’t need Moses or Paul to speak to us today, in the flesh, because what they’ve left behind and the promise gift of the Holy Spirit can and does give us the true meaning, but we have to stop looking to ourselves or what we consider “great” theologians for an explanation when God has given all men, and women, even children, the tools to get it for themselves, but how many of you are willing to invest the time and effort to get it, or will you continue to go week to week and listen to the false teachings of others and soundly give your “Amen” to it!

I’m learning more and more while there may be a blessing attached to congregational and corporate worship, there is MORE a blessing of individual study, prayer and meditation. Christ did it. It seemed to help Him to become “one” with the Father. It is time we became “one” with them, too!

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