Image of Virgin Mary Cries, A Miracle or Deception?

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Spiritualism and deceptive miracles play a significant role in the end times. Satan will use those very means to deceive individuals into accepting his plans, purposes and ultimately, his mark. As the time nears for Satan to personate Christ, he will send his forerunners, false apostles, supernatural occurrences performed by idol deities. “Many who refuse the message which the Lord sends them are seeking to find pegs on which to hang doubts, to find some excuse for rejecting the light of heaven. In the face of clear evidence they say, as did the Jews, ‘Show us a miracle, and we will believe. If these messengers have the truth, why do they not heal the sick?’… Could their eyes be opened, they would see evil angels exulting around them and triumphing in their power to deceive them. The day is just before us when Satan will answer the demand of these doubters and present numerous miracles to confirm the faith of all those who are seeking this kind of evidence. How terrible will be the situation of those who close their eyes to the light of truth and ask for miracles to establish them in deception!”1

304Satan is even now answering such persons’ requests. Fox News published an article May 11, 2016 under the headline “Virgin Mary Statue That appears to Weep Draws the Faithful.”2 “Cameras on Monday captured a statue of the Virgin Mary appearing to weep at a home in California, with the owner calling it a miracle. Maria Cardenas told KFSN she received the statue as a Mother’s Day gift 10 years ago, but it didn’t start to ‘cry’ until her cousin was murdered about a year and a half ago. Visitors have stopped by her home in Fresno to see it for themselves. She said her door was open to anyone. Cardenas said she collected the ‘tears’ in a glass. A reporter at the home said one tear appeared oily and smelled like roses. Sometimes the statue’s face would stay dry for weeks or months before starting to ‘weep’ again, according to Cardenas. ‘We’ve had priests come from all over to look at her, and all they say is that it’s a miracle,’ a caretaker of the statue told the news station.”3

The Roman Catholic Church capitalizes on such miracles to establish the people in Papal error and superstitious delusions, and to also draw converts to her communion. Multiple times a year there are several documentations of statues of Mary crying, bleeding, or performing some other miracle and people from all over the world, Catholics and non-Catholics alike not only pay a visit to the idols but also pay their homage. Under the leadership of the Pope, the Roman Catholic Church uses such occurrences to confirm the false doctrines that they practice and teach regarding the worship of Mary as God and also their worship of graven images. Many individuals that have not made the Bible and the Bible alone their only foundation are readily deceived by their senses and thus further entrenched in erroneous doctrines. Considering this, we do not have to conjecture what people will do when the words of Matthew 24:23-26 will become a reality. “Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before. Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.”

“The line of distinction between professed Christians and the ungodly is now hardly distinguishable. Church-members love what the world loves, and are ready to join with them; and Satan determines to unite them in one body, and thus strengthen his cause by sweeping all into the ranks of Spiritualism. Papists, who boast of miracles as a certain sign of the true church, will be readily deceived by this wonder-working power; and Protestants, having cast away the shield of truth, will also be deluded.”4

It must be noted that this particular occurrence was associated with Mother’s Day, which has pagan origins and traditions and was later Catholicized, which is not at all inconsequential. During the times of the reformation, this was one of the chief errors that the Protestant Reformers had to contend with, particularly Ulrich Zwingli. “In 1516 Zwingli was invited to become a preacher in the convent at Einsiedeln. Here he was to have a closer view of the corruptions of Rome and was to exert an influence as a Reformer that would be felt far beyond his native Alps. Among the chief attractions of Einsiedeln was an image of the Virgin which was said to have the power of working miracles. Above the gateway of the convent was the inscription, ‘Here a plenary remission of sins may be obtained.’ Pilgrims at all seasons resorted to the shrine of the Virgin; but at the great yearly festival of its consecration multitudes came from all parts of Switzerland, and even from France and Germany. Zwingli, greatly afflicted at the sight, seized the opportunity to proclaim liberty through the gospel to these bondslaves of superstition.”5

As we approach nearer the close of probation we can expect these supernatural manifestations to become more and more frequent, as Satan realizes that he has but a short time and is working feverishly to secure converts to his ranks. “Through the agency of spiritualism, miracles will be wrought, the sick will be healed, and many undeniable wonders will be performed. And as the spirits will profess faith in the Bible, and manifest respect for the institutions of the church, their work will be accepted as a manifestation of divine power.”6

These occurrences will give great impetus to the Sunday movement as the Sunday Law is being agitated. It is therefore incumbent upon the people of God to know the Word of God and test everything by the law and the testimony, heeding the words of Isaiah 8:20 and Deuteronomy 13:1-5. Are you making the Word of God your continual study and guide, allowing the truth to sanctify you so that you will not be deceived by the evidence of your senses?

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