Again in India, Man Forced To Carry His Mother’s Dead Body On The Motorcycle After He was Denied Ambulance

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And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. Matthew 24:12

Ever since the story of an Odisha man who was forced to carry the body of his wife after the hospital refused to provide an ambulance broke out last week, at least three similar cases have been reported.

Now yet another similar incident has surfaced, this time from Seoni in Madhya Pradesh as reported on Indiatimes

Bhimrao a resident of Umat was forced to carry his mother’s dead body on his motorbike after an ambulance driver refused to take the corpse to their residence.

His mother had died in a local health center on Tuesday. He booked an ambulance by dialing 108.


While the ambulance arrived at the spot within 10 minutes, the driver refused to carry the dead body.

This forced Bhimrao to carry the body on his bike.

“We are investigating the matter. The district coordinator of the ambulance service defended the action saying it was not in the ambulance service protocol to carry dead bodies.” Seoni district collector S Dhanaraju said.

An explanation has been sought from the state coordinator of the service, the collector said.

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