Indian wedding turns to funeral as misfired celebratory rifle shot kills groom’s father

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An Indian wedding ceremony turned into tragedy after a guest lost control of his rifle during traditional celebratory gunfire, shooting a bullet into the head of the groom’s father.

Instead of being remembered as the union of a happy couple, the wedding which took place in the village of Jandla, central India, is being billed as a ceremony from hell thanks to the all too common mishandling of a firearm.

Footage of the horrific accident from LiveLeak shows joyful father Mansoor Patel celebrating the marriage of his son Shekha in front of a queue of eight riflemen, before tragedy strikes.

As he dances amid the celebratory gunfire, Patel is suddenly struck by the bullet of a careless guest, who appeared to have accidentally pulled the trigger of his weapon while reloading.

The shot, fired at near point blank range, struck Patel directly in the head, killing him instantly. The footage shows shocked revelers rushing in vain to his aid.

Celebrating marriages with gunfire is a tradition still upheld in parts of the Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe. But obviously not everyone should be trusted to carry out the potentially deadly custom.

Last year a recording of a similar wedding accident showed an Iraqi man losing grip of his Kalashnikov and firing a salvo of bullets into the back of a fellow guest.

The footage, filmed in an unidentified part of Iraq, depicts at least one shot striking the victim in the back of the head as he slumps to the floor.

Realizing what just happened, a crowd of people can be heard screaming in blind panic for help.


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