Internet Addiction

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If you find yourself turning FB on the first thing in the morning and it is the last thing you turn off in the evening, you’re addicted to the Internet, more specifically to Facebook. If you find yourself waiting for “just one more” life in order to play “just one more” game, on Facebook, you are addicted. If you constantly peruse the newsfeed having a feeling of maybe missing something, you are addicted. Your addiction to the Internet, more specifically to Facebook, is no different than any other addiction whether it is alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, pornography, food, and the list goes on and on!

It may not be as destructive as the others are but it is just as dangerous causing isolation and true relationships with “living” family and friends to suffer. Certainly, Facebook as become a source of communication, sharing and keeping in contact, but when it becomes obsessive and compulsory, you’ve gone into an area which is dangerous. For many of us, I’m included, we cannot remember life prior to Facebook, or the Internet, and for it to mysteriously be taken away will result having withdrawal complications similar to any substance abuse.

In the coming weeks, more likely every Monday, I will introduce various types of addiction specifically related to Facebook. We’ll cover areas I’ll classify as: the “stalker”, “liar”, “predator”. We’ll discuss “time management”, “social impact”, and “employment impact”.

I need to stress although this will be a public discussion, many may not feel to comment in the forum and I understand this. However, if you have a need to add, share or discuss any particular point, feel free to inbox me for confidential treatment. If you have a need to confess and pray, I’ll make myself available and no one other than God and us will know of your issues. This is no different than other additional social groups who gather together to find strength and comfort from those suffering like addiction.

I will also be forthright to admit I am not speaking from a theoretical point of view but one of experiential. I, too, am a junkie when it comes to the Internet and specifically speaking, “Facebook”. I’ve overcame addiction in many forms in my own life and the battle continues going on, so I’m not the one who holds all the answer but I do know of One who does. He’s helped me time and time again, and perhaps this is one of the facets of ministry I’m called upon to be involved.

So, if you’re suffering, too, from various forms of addiction because of your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile, perhaps you’ve found a place to gain strength, release your pain and be of assistance to someone else.

Let’s do this!

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