Internet, Social Media And The Christian Today

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The Invention of the internet has come with lots of blessings and curses. For one, today our evangelism and witness sharing can be much easier and faster. With the internet, people have advanced in knowledge by finding great resources and most of them for free on the internet.

But then again, with the internet came lots of stuff that for a Christian are very new. Social media can be a blessing and a curse to many Christians. Let us look at the curse part, do you know the internet can influence your thought pattern, behavior and character?

The moment you get onto the internet, a digital footprint starts to be written. Which of your friends on Facebook did you check updates from first. Which group on Facebook did you check first? Which pages do you comment most? Which tweet did you favorite? Which search terms did you Google.

All these small things you will never consider are sort of auto tuned specifically to every person. This helps to make those pages the internet ‘assumes’ you want to see first load faster. Because your ‘preference’ has been ‘saved’ somewhere in your phone of computer.

This is a good thing right? For instance if you always want to get the latest news, no need to scroll down your timeline for a news item posted 8hours ago. Facebook or Twitter will automatically start with such pages.

But now this is the danger. Your footprint is not just tied to you but to your friends too. And their friends. And their friends. Let me ask you, how do you think a video viewed more than 14million times ends up on your timeline out of billions of users on Facebook? Because a friend uploaded, another friend watched, another friend was notified a friend watched, so he watched, and the numbers grow.

Now essentially, this means that the content you see on social media is not directly under your control. A lot of algorithms have been put into place to ‘try’ and be as accurate as possible but we all know the standards of this world are not accurate. And in being honest, this bad side of the Internet can be a good side for you too.

Watch very carefully the pages you open on your browsers. Be careful the friends you accept on social media. Be careful the posts you like and comment on. All these things are put together to give you ‘quality’ time on social media but in reality, they might be your downfall. With ‘bad friends’ your timeline can easily get clogged with frustrating news items.

You can imagine everyday seeing videos of wars, or crime, or news relating to crime, violence, immorality. How would your day seem like?

But then imagine your timeline being filled with hymns, gospel messages, prayer groups, and quality Christian interaction?

Take time to think about this and recheck your timeline. Is it bringing you closer to God or drifting you further away?

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