Internet unites in disgust at tweet promoting 12yo drag queen ‘Desmond is Amazing’ as the FUTURE

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The liberal media may be happy to proclaim that the sexualization of children is “the future,” but ordinary people aren’t buying it. A video celebrating a crossdressing child has united Twitter in revulsion.

We live in a permissive age, but even in 2019 some limits remain intact. Enter ‘Desmond is Amazing’, a 12-year-old New York boy whose appearances at gay pride parades – and even at strip clubs, where he danced for the attention and dollars of grown men – has landed him spots on television and fawning coverage in the pink press.

“Desmond Is Amazing is the future and we’re here for it,” declared media news site Mashable on Sunday, tweeting a video featuring Desmond describing visiting drag clubs at five years of age, and telling “haters” to “just go away.”

However, nobody else was “here for it.” Comments poured in, almost universally negative.

“This child is being exploited while his life is being destroyed,” one commenter wrote“Itis incredibly sad to see.” 

“Good to know you love child abuse”tweeted conservative pundit Sara Gonzalez, while fellow right-wing commentator Mark Dice simply replied“vomit.” Even former fans of Mashable saw the video as a step too far.

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