Is It Possible, Google and Facebook are Big Part of The Great Tribulation?

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It is amazing how much information very few companies have about everything and everyone. It is shockingly amazing. Actually think of it this way as an opener to what am about to write, if everyone in the world were to die but two people…..we will not loose anything.

These two people simply by using Google can repopulate the world amazingly fast, provide the best medication and care in the best of places and restore the world. We probably will not need God. Just super big machines which we already have.

Let us face it, Facebook recently hit a milestone of a billion users in a single day. Now count all your friends who log in once in a while. Google has become a critical part of our education system. Twitter has become an integral asset to our info sharing. So in other words, nearly more than half the population, we all have installed at least those three apps.

Facebook updates have come along way and the recent updates have now put millions of people who are on Facebook in potential danger and exposed their private lives in a rather shocking manner.

If you are not aware, Facebook can now be a sort of gallery for you. And that was a previous update. Initially, should you have wanted to upload a photo, another app would have opened to load your gallery in a separate window, you will then select the photo(s) you want and then Facebook will pick up from there. Simply put, you have a person acting between you and Facebook. You pick the stuff you want from your house, give this person who will hand over to Facebook.

Now that was too much process for Facebook, solution? Cut the middle man. Now when you wanna upload a photo, Facebook becomes your gallery, you dont go to a separate window. Faster? Yeah. Awesome? Not really. Yes it will save you time and bundles but do you know how much easy it now becomes.

Did you know when you install Facebook you give them the following permissions?

Identity (find accounts, read contacts),
Calender (read calender, events, add or modify so you get birthday reminders),
Contacts (read and modify contacts),
Location (precise GPS and network based, approximate location), SMS (read your sms),
Photos|Media|Files (test access to protected storage, modify or delete the contents of your USB Storage)
Camera (take pictures and videos)
Microphone (record audio)
Wifi Connection
Device ID
and in tiny words you grant them permission among other things run at start up, view connections, prevent phone from sleeping, full network access etc)

Now Facebook in a recent application update can scan for friends in your phone gallery BEFORE you upload that photo. Add to the geo-tagging update where you can tell which of your friends are nearby, Facebook becomes this small ‘god’ that knows everything about you. Everything about everyone you know. Everything about everyone who is on Facebook. And thanks to our too much sharing, Facebook knows where you work, where you slept, what you ate, where you went, which movie you saw, which book you read, which restaurant, which company office you got tagged into, what hotel you stayed at, who you stay with at that hotel, which church/mosque you went to, who else was there, what sermon was preached, who preached that sermon, which hymn you sung, who was at the paino, which company you work for, what you do at that company…..everything.

Now assume that as much as Facebook knows, Google knows. Everything. And maybe more. Because Google knows what you searched, what you downloaded, what you store in the cloud…..yes you have a password, but that is like your key to a rented hotel room. The owner still knows what’s inside.

So just these two applications can cause or prevent crime.

A criminal can send you a friend request. Google can know this person(s) is a criminal based on their search history etc. Facebook can prove this person is planning a crime by analysing photos that are taken. Investigations have proven criminals normally take photos in the time leading to a major attack as a memento. Facebook and Google can tell how many people are in this conspiracy simply by tracing their digital footprint.


What if there is credible proof that Iran wants to launch a Nuclear warhead in New York? How? Facebook and Google can probably build proof right? Facebook can say recognize a Nuclear weapon from a photo recently taken. Or say Facebook or Google can put the top echelon of such a decision in the same room. (Remember Wikipedia? it knows how such a weapon can be set off, who has to be there etc). So theoretically Facebook and Google can know of a Nuclear warhead is coming. A perfect solution that people HAVE NOT SEEN, right? PREVENTING CRIME.

In other words, and what we might not have known, is Facebook and Google knows literally everything about everyone. It is just a matter of getting the information packaged for you.

When people are dying in Burundi and Syria, Facebook and Google can place all those soldiers who committed the crimes right at the crime scene. If even one person had a smart phone, that person can be put at the crime scene….actually even without a smart phone. Then suppose that person took photos (say before the crime), Facebook can tell exactly who else was at the crime scene……another solution CRIME SOLVED. So if we knew the right places to look, or if we decide to ask Google we can get the answers we want. Like who was at a crime scene.


And do you know they have the power to push you into crime? For instance and bear with me here, Facebook and Google based on your search terms can determine if you are motivated by say hatred towards someone or say some people. Say you always post negatively about people of a certain tribe or race. So the next time you Google, the search results that are pushed towards you are also negative.

Face it, when you search for a word, you get more than a million results in micro seconds. Have you ever asked yourself why you get the results you get on the first page? Website owners work hard to make sure their websites are on that first page. Google have certain things they look at and recommend results they think you need (which in most cases happens to be right as you will accept those pages as truth and move on)

So now Google can put results that justify your hatred for these people. And slowly push you to the limit. How? Another research showed that Google can alter their search algorithms to give you those results that they want you to read.

Mat 24:28 For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.
Mat 24:29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

If you pick up in Luke 17:30-37 are the events prior to the great Tribulation. This is what in this article, we looked at a possible Nuclear war.

Now think with me. After such a war, or after something that shakes the world so much that we all decide we need better measures for security. Then, the biggest corporations will unite seeking a better solution to prevent such a disaster. Here we looking at THE US, THE VATICAN, THE UN, and GOOGLE and FACEBOOK. Am including the later two as they are the most HEAVILY invested in the whole world.

What if it will be in the best of interest to destroy a country?

Gen 18:32  And he said, Oh let not the Lord be angry, and I will speak yet but this once: Peradventure ten shall be found there. And he said, I will not destroy it for ten’s sake

God had said for 10 people He will NOT destroy a whole country. But what about us? Man does not think as God does. So let’s ‘suppose, as Abraham said, that Google and Facebook can prove ten people are planning a big attack? Pass that information to someone with a Drone right? But it is already happening. Not through Google or Facebook. America has been targeting ‘terrorists’ in civilian locations. Drones are being used for these executions.

But do you now realize why God must shorten this time?

Mat 24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

Probably another reason that Christ said we run to the hills. Your life, your physical life here on earth may not be yours as you think. Because we have created accepted and made part of our lives, a technology that can manipulate as whichever way the person at the top deems fit.

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