ISIS bomber still alive and TALKING after blowing himself in HALF in failed attack (VIDEO)

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A grisly video has surfaced of the moment a failed ISIS suicide bomber is found torn in half but still alive after his explosives detonated too early.

Footage of the incident, posted online, showed him muttering a few words and moving his head – despite missing the lower half of his body.

It’s believed he was an ISIS suicide bomber whose bomb belt detonated too early in a botched attack on Houthi rebels in Yemen.

The footage of the dismembered but still-speaking ISIS bomber was recorded by a bystander in the fiercely contested city of Aden.

It shows a group of locals slowly approaching the man who has been torn in two by his suicide vest.

The lower part of his body cannot be seen in the short clip, but despite this he manages to move his head and utters one or two indistinguishable words.

According to subtitles on the video, locals state he was an ISIS bomber who was driving a motorcycle.

When he utters a few words, one purportedly states: ‘He is still alive. He [does] not have [a] chance. He cannot survive.’

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