ISIS crucifies man for apostasy in Syria

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The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) terrorist group accused 28-year-old Hussein Muhammad of being an apostate after he refused to join the Islamic prayers at the mosque. They arrested Muhammad, executed him by gunfire and then crucified his dead body on an electric pole in central al-Bab for everyone to see.

“The Sharia Court accused Muhammad of apostasy for refusing to join prayers at the mosque,” an activist, who spoke anonymously, told ARA News.

“A Sharia judge decided to execute and crucify the man in public, claiming he was an apostate who refused to perform Sharia duties and violated the basic laws of the Caliphate,” the activist added.

 Thousands of residents in al-Bab gathered to witness the public execution Thursday afternoon, reported Ahmed al-Beik, a rights activist.

“The victims’ body will remain crucified for three days, and ISIS threatened people that anyone who would try to remove him will be mercilessly punished,” al-Beik said.

According to Jihad Watch, an organization that exposes jihad theology and ideology to apprise the world of the real situation, the Islamic law includes the capital punishment for those charged with apostasy. Source

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