ISIS leaders ‘negotiate merger’ with other terrorist groups – FSB head

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Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and other terrorist groups are changing their tactics, moving fighters to Afghanistan, Yemen and Africa in order to set up a new large-scale terrorist network, the head of Russia’s Federal Security Service has stated.

“Having realized that they are being threatened with total destruction in the zone of their former domination, leaders of the largest international terrorist groups, such as Islamic State, Al-Nusra Front and the remnants of the pre-existing Al-Qaeda structures, began changing their tactics. In particular, they stepped up transfer of militants over to Afghanistan, Yemen and deep into Africa, and started building support points and bases there,” Aleksandr Bortnikov told participants of the VI Moscow Conference on International Security on Wednesday.

“We’re talking about development of a new large-scale terrorist network,” the FSB director said. “There are also reports of ongoing negotiations between Islamic State and other [terrorist] groups about a possible merger.”

Bortnikov pointed out that the remaining potential of international terrorist organizations means that the countries fighting against terrorism are still practicing diverse approaches. To solve these issues and build an effective anti-terrorist front, it is necessary to jointly work out some key standards.

“The UN is the best platform for such work,” he added.

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