ISIS Threatens Pope, Is This The Moment Nuclear War Is Declared?

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The Vatican has admitted it is a target for crazed jihadis due to its religious links. Any attack would send shivers across the globe.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin said recently the Vatican was considering whether to ramp up security.

He said: “The Vatican could be a target because of its religious significance.

“We are capable of increasing the level of security in the Vatican and the surrounding area.

“But we will not let ourselves be paralysed by fear.”

Rome has been the subject of a number of threatening terror films released by the extremists in recent weeks.

It is thought the focus on Rome, and specifically the Vatican City, may be in response to the Pope’s recent condemnation of the deadly terror attacks in Paris, as well as its status of the capital of the Catholic world.

The Pope is as well clearly seen as the moral authority of the world. In a world of war, The Pope will is the little baby that is saved as the symbolism for hope, a future and love. It is therefore expected that many countries will come to the defense of the Vatican if these recent threats are proven to be credible.

It keeps bringing Revelation 9:14-15 to mind. Are the Angels set loose and are busy creating chaos to lead us to war?

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