Islam was the only religion in the DNC Interfaith prayer space

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According to a report from The DailyCaller Islam was the only ‘marked religion’ at the Democratic National Convention.

The Organizers had curtained off several “interfaith” spaces for prayer, but the only sign of religion in any of the spaces is Islam.

“Organizers had set up an “Interfaith Prayer Room” on the first floor of the Wells Fargo Center, which consists of a series of spaces sectioned off by curtains. A sign hangs over the first space, which is simply an empty room.

“The second area has a few chairs and some prayer mats. A third large space is set up to accommodate Muslims, with a mat set up on the floor presumably facing Mecca and a sanitizing station so Muslims can wash before they pray.


Aside from Islam, no sign of any other religion was present.

There is something happening that America needs to wake up and see. This is the Islamization of the United States.

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