Islamic extremists ‘break into Catholic church and spray Allah on walls before destroying crucifix’

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A GANG of Muslim vandals allegedly broke into a church before spray-painting “Allah” on the walls and destroying objects.

The extremists smashed wooden statues idols of Mary and Jesus on the cross during the attack earlier this week, according to reports.

They stormed the Church of our Lady of Carmen in the Spanish town of Rincon de la Victoria, Andalucia on Monday morning.

Spain’s Civil Guard has now launched a probe into the vandalism.


A spokesman for the Diocese of Malaga said the attack – first discovered by priest Agustin Carrasco – was not representative of all Muslims.

He also said it was committed to maintaining “respect and fraternity between different religious groups”.

Last month a Moroccan man was arrested in the same town after allegedly trying to damage another statue of the Virgin Mary.

The 27-year-old repeatedly launched a large rock at a wall protecting the statue.

He is also said to have shouted the Arabic phrase “Allahu Akbar” – meaning “God is great” – while being led away from the shrine by police.

The Muslim population of Andalusia has grown in recent years due to immigration from nearby Morocco, according to the website Breitbart London.

Three years ago, a think-tank claimed Islamists in the region called for a “Andalusia Spring” to “reclaim” Spain for Islam.

The Gatestone Institute also claimed websites “frequented by Islamists and jihadists” were “brimming with calls for the Islamisation of Spain”.

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