Islamic State amputates hands of 2 children for refusing to execute civilians

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The self-proclaimed Islamic State group amputated the hands of two children, in western Mosul, for refusing to carry out execution sentence on two civilians, a source told Alsumaria News on Thursday.

The source said, “The Islamic State’s leaders issued orders to train a group of children on fighting in the group’s camps in Nables neighborhood, in the western side of Nineveh.”

“Meanwhile, members of the Islamic State terrorist group amputated the hands of two children, for refusing to carry out the execution sentence on two civilians in front of their families,” the source explained.

“The age of the abused children ranges between 10 and 12 years old,” the source further added.

Noteworthy, Mosul was captured by the Islamic State in June 10, 2014, while security forces are preparing to liberate the western side of the city, after recapturing the eastern side.


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