Islamist Radical was the first to speak on Day 2 of Clinton’s convention

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Hillary Clinton’s progressive Democratic Party invited an Islamic fundamentalist who rejects any acceptance of homosexual sex, and who is also an religious ally of the Muslim Brotherhood jihad group, to open its convention on Tuesday.

The African-American Islamist, Sherman Jackson, has defended jihad and pre-modern Islamic punishments, and has allied himself with at least two Islamic groups that were tied into a criminal effort to raise millions of dollars for the Jew-hating HAMAS jihad group.

For example, in a 2009 lecture, he insisted that Islam will never accept homosexuality as legitimate and equal, and he notably declined to condemn orthodox Islam’s Allah-dictated death penalty for homosexuals. “Make a place for people who have a [homosexual] problem, yes. Make a place for people who want to redefine Islam, no,” said Jackson, who also calls himself Abdul al-Hakim Jackson.

Under orthodox Islamic law, people who have homosexual sex are to be killed either by being thrown over the side of a building or buried under a collapsing wall. As self-professed Muslims, the Islamic State’s acolytes have killed numerous homosexual Arabs by pushing them off of tall buildings.

Still, in many Muslim countries, officials generally ignore gays and ignore homosexuality if it is kept private.

Jackson has also served as member of the Fiqh Council of North America, who sets orthodox Islamic doctrine, or Fiqh, for observant, Sunni-style Muslims in the United States. Breibart

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