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Israel arrests three Palestinian footballers in 48 hours

Israel arrests three Palestinian footballers in 48 hours

The Palestinian sports ministry yesterday called on FIFA to put pressure on the Israeli occupation to stop its violations against Palestinian sportsmen and athletes, Quds Pressreported.

Speaking to Quds Press, Ahmed Muheissin said: “The Israeli occupation authorities arrested three Palestinian footballers within 48 hours; two of them from the Gaza Strip.”

“On Sunday morning, they stormed the apartment of Sami Al-Da’our in the Samou neighbourhood in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron. He is from Gaza and plays for Al-Samou team.”

“Just 24 hours before arresting Al-Da’our, they arrested Fadi Al-Sharif, who plays for Al-Hilal team in Gaza, at the Erez Crossing while he was on his way back home after treatment.”

Commenting on the arrests, Musheissin said: “This reflects the real mentality of the Israeli occupation which does not want to see Palestinian athletes achieving any goals,” noting this is a breach of international conventions.

He also said: “We are in contact with international human rights organisations to update them about the latest series of Israeli violations against Palestinian sports and athletes. All of them expressed their deep concern about these violations.”

The ministry called on international organisations to pressure Israel to stop its violations.