Israel’s First “Jewish-Only Road”. Palestinians are Banned from Using the Road

Israel has announced the construction of a new, Jewish-only road that will connect two Jewish colonies, according to a report by the Middle East Monitor.1 min

Israel has announced the construction of a new, Jewish-only road that will connect two Jewish colonies, according to a report by the Middle East Monitor.

“The new proposal includes banning the Palestinians from using the road,” said Hannna Sweed, director of the Arab Centre for Alternative Planning.

Sweed added that Jewish-only roads already exist in the occupied West Bank.

The proposal comes as no surprise to scholars well versed in the supremacist ideology of Judaism, on which the state of Israel is founded.

According to the Talmud, all intermixture between Jews and non-Jews is strictly forbidden by divine law, except in cases in which Jewish men rape non-Jewish children, a behaviour explicitly permitted in the Talmud.*

In Talmudic belief, non-Jews are made only in the “likeness” of humans. They were created, says the Talmud, for the sole purpose of serving Jews, as it is beneath the dignity of a Jew to be served by anything that looks like an animal. Since non-Jews are not humans, they are not protected by divine law. It is even permissible to kill non-Jews. The Jewish Encyclopaedia quotes the Talmud as stating, “Even the best of the goyim [non-Jews] should be killed”.

It is thus not by accident that segregation is openly practiced by the Israeli government; that Palestinians are regularly murdered by Jewish settlers; and that over 50% of Palestinian children that have been sent to Israeli detention centres claim to have been sexually molested by Israeli police officers. Racial supremacism, genocide and child molestation are all behaviours that follow inevitably from Jewish ideology, as explicated in the Talmud.


* The reasons given are threefold: 1. Children cannot produce offspring; 2. Even Jewish toddlers are not yet humans, and therefore may be freely molested. 3. Non-Jews are not humans. Since toddlers and non-Jews are not humans, according to Judaism, they cannot receive the protection of divine laws; a Jew can therefore use them for his own sexual gratification. Global Research

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