Italian Catholic priest accused of organising orgies in church rectory

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A POLICE investigation has been launched into the conduct of an Italian priest accused of allegedly organising orgies in the church rectory and pimping out up to 15 lovers.

Fr Andrea Contin (48), a parish priest in the northern city of Padua in Veneto, is also alleged to have been living off immoral earnings and psychological violence following complaints from three female parishioners.

It has been reported that sex toys and videos, purportedly showing orgies taking place on the San Lazzaro church premises, were seized amid allegations that he concealed pornographic home videos in covers bearing the names of various popes.

Fr Contin is also accused of farming out some of his lovers to men on wife-swapping websites, as well as enjoying lavish holidays with lovers, travelling to countries including Croatia, France and Austria.

Complaints were first made to a local bishop last summer, but church authorities failed to contact police.

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