Italian Catholic Priest Blesses Mobile Phones

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An Italian Catholic Priest has been praised as a ‘forward’ thinking Priest by deciding to ‘bless’ the mobile phones of his parissioners calling them ‘blessed’.

Don Alessandro Palermo, a 30 year-old parish priest of the San Matteo church in Marsala, Sicily, decided to bless phones, proposing to make it a root of the Saint Lucia eve celebration on Tuesday.

The Catholic Church holds onto the doctrine that priests can declare something to be blessed.

Blessing in Roman Catholicism, in the narrow liturgical sense, is a rite consisting of a ceremony and prayers performed in the name and with the authority of the Church by a duly qualified minister by which persons or things are sanctified as dedicated to Divine service or by which certain marks of Divine favour are invoked upon them.

In this sense, the Catholic Church can pick up anything ‘say water’ and call it blessed, then whoever is sprayed or poured the water upon is believed to haev ‘recieved’ the blessings thereof.

It is not clear what the blessings were that were put on the phones were meant to do. Maybe save on bundles or block ‘sinful’ websites? Watch below

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