Japan issues Nuclear warning residents told to seek shelter or lie on ground in terrifying TV broadcast

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Residents in Japan have been told to seek shelter or lie on the ground in the event of North Korea missile strike in a terrifying new nationwide television broadcast.

The half a minute announcement also states people should stay away from windows and protect their heads if they are inside a building should a missile be fired in the direction of Japan from North Korea.

The broadcast also confirmed, in the event of a missile attack, the Japanese government will inform members of the public through speakers across the country, the Daily Telegraph has reported.

Between now and July, 43 television stations across Japan will broadcast the announcement while 70 Japanese newspapers will publish written instructions.

The announcement following an increase in tensions after North Korea conducted another missile test.

Kim Jong-un was pictured grinning following the test while another photo showed a huge crowd of soldiers cheering next to the surface-to-air missile launcher.

The missiles are the fourth new system the hermit state has tested this year. The Sun

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