Jesus And Mary Allegedly Spotted On Google Earth

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An image captured on Google Street View in Switzerland has some saying it resembles Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. The pair appears in the sky over the A5 highway on the south side of the Walensee lake in the northern part of the country.

The figure that resembles Jesus appears in black, while Mary is a smaller figure outlined in white and pink. Some say she appears to be bowing her head and hands, as if in prayer, the Mirror reports.

The image, which has circulated for some time on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, has drawn its share of critics.

“Looks like auto imaging smear caused by the system auto filling in missing areas. Artifacts like this are not uncommon when a machine is trying to guess at what should have been in a section of missing photo or trying to seem to photos together,” Redditor shadowsaint writes.

Other skeptics say the image is most likely the result of a glitch in the imaging software Google uses.

This isn’t the first biblical sighting spotted on the Google Street View. In March 2011, an image of the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus was seen on a satellite image by English construction workers researching a project.

“It is so clear. We were looking at the layout of the area for some work we are doing and we were zooming in and it caught our eye,” Carl Richards told the Daily Mail. “We were stunned into silence and Steve joked he had seen the light.”

In 2005, Jesus’ face was spotted in a Peruvian sand dune. While Google restored the image at that location, it can still be viewed here.

Google Street View, which uses car-mounted cameras that later stitch photos together, has experienced glitches before. In May, an image of what appeared to be a “half-cat” went viral. The image was later believed to be an altered image of a Canadian cat called half catThumbelina.

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