More than just a book… {God’s Word}

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It was spoken to create the universe.

Uttered to still the crashing waves of the sea.

Whispered to bring comfort to Elijah during his time of distress.

Recited by David to bring encouragement in the midst of trial and turmoil.

Quoted by Jesus in the desert to silence the enemies tactics and temptations.

Preached by the disciples to bring hope to the lost and dying world.

Used by Jesus to bring healing to the wounded, to the hurting, to the sick.

And it’s available to each on of us every day…

Available as the bread of life to intake daily to survive.

The sword of the spirit used in spiritual battle.

The refuge to run to in times of trouble.

The compass to point you in the right direction in times of confusion.

The Word of God, inspired truth, and glorious revelations authored by the Creator Himself.

People wonder why they are weak and I have one question to ask them: have you opened the Word of God? It’s your daily bread available to strengthen you.

People wonder why they are worried, anxious, and always stressed out, I would ask them:have you opened the Word of God? It’s there to comfort you, to bring you peace, to bring you joy.

People wonder why they are always confused and feeling purposeless in life, I would ask them: have you opened the Word of God? It’s there to bring you truth about yourself, understanding  for today, and guidance for tomorrow.

So many of the problems we face in our lives today is not due to lack of help that God can provide. It’s due to the fact that we never bother to open His Word – which is many times the #1 place where help can be found.

Today… have you taken time to open God’s Word? To meditate on His truth?  On His promises? On His revelations?

Have you used it to encourage yourself like David? To be comforted by it like Elijah? To use it against temptations you face like Jesus?

The Bible isn’t just a book. It’s God’s way of reaching through to you through His own Words.

Sometimes all it takes is just taking those five minutes to set everything aside and tune into God’s Word and my mind is renewed. My spirit is refreshed. And I have the motivation to keep on going. To keep on trusting. To keep on believing.

Whatever your plans are for today…. if you haven’t opened God’s Word yet please make sure to make some time for it. He is waiting to speak to you.

God’s Word can’t help you if you just let it collect dust on your bookshelf.

Don’t let the book that has been banned, burned, lived by, fought for,  and died for be forgotten in your life

Blessings! –Anna… 

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