Just like Noah’s time, the majority is wrong

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“Some people believes only when the majority believes. But what if the majority who believes, believes a lie. Then, is it right or safe to hang our faith on the beliefs of the MAJORITY? I say no, we should not.

If you were the only one on earth Jesus knew would choose Him, He would still die for you. Even for one sinner that repents, the whole of heaven rejoice.

In the days of Noah and the flood, the majority was drowned by the flood in their sin. They believed a lie!

When God was leading ancient Israel through the wilderness to the promise land. The majority was cast away because of their disobedience/unbelief. The majority did not make it to the promise land. They believed a lie!

The same, in the end of time, here on earth, (not counting those who are in the grave already), will be the seen of those who will be alive to witness the final battle. The Majority will wonder after him who claims to be God on earth. He says he is the Holy Father. He, that same one that speaks blasphemous things against the true One and only God of heaven and earth, Creator God. They will believe a lie. Would you want to be numbered among that majority? That majority will take the mark of the beast. And that majority will drink of the wine of God’s wrath. It is never safe to Believe anything merely because the Majority believes.

Exercise the Liberty of your own conscience, though it is being threatened. He (Jesus) that is in you is greater than he (pope) that is in the world. Choose for yourself independently, intelligently eternal life.

God bless you!” By Essence Cain.

Maranatha….Come LORD Jesus( Revelation 22:20 )

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