Kanye West and choir will appear at Joel Osteen’s Sunday service

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Kanye West will be travelling with his choir to Houston this Sunday where they will perform during the nighttime service at Joel Osteen’s mega church, TMZ reports. Kanye will take the pulpit in the morning, speak with Joel Osteen and perform during the night service.

Apparently Kanye and Joel have been talking fairly regularly and become friends since his devotion to God. Kanye has since released his much awaited album Jesus is King.

The plan is for Kanye to show up at Joel’s 11 AM service in Houston this coming Sunday at the Lakewood Church. Kanye will walk up to the pulpit and have a conversation with Joel that will last between 20 and 30 minutes.

Kanye West is to share with Joel’s 45,000 congregation at the church and more than 10 million people on TV in the US only, how he overcame significant adversity in his life.

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