End times headlinesKenya Education CS says Adventists Students Should NOT Be...

Kenya Education CS says Adventists Students Should NOT Be Allowed In School On Saturdays


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Kenya’s Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi warned that the government will not allow Adventists students to be forced to attend lessons on the Sabbath as church doctrine has to be given consideration in lessons offered during the weekend.

He warned heads of learning institutions against allowing extra lectures offered on Sabbath (Saturday)  as students have to be allowed to attend church services on time.

He further stated that the government will be strict and any institutional heads that flouts the directive will have themselves to blame.

He also cautioned teachers not to allow preachers visiting learning institutions demanding to be given permission to talk to students yet they have ill motives.

Matiangi said that a survey conducted by a task force on education matters revealed that strange preachers have lured several students into joining organizations whose operations were not licensed and might have hidden agenda.

Most students countrywide have been lured into joining sects interfering with their learning process forcing many out of school to indulge in unlawful activities ruining their futures.

The Cabinet Secretary lamented that brilliant learners drop out of school to engage in activities torturing them the rest of their lives.

Students who dropped out of school are leaving miserable life and the government will not remain quite over the issue that is gaining roots into top learning institutions academically.

The predominant Religion in Kenya is Christianity, which is adhered to by an estimated 82.6% of the total population. Islam is the second largest religion in Kenya, practiced by about 11.1% of the total population. Other faiths practiced in Kenya are Baha’i,Buddhism, Hinduism and traditional religions.

Kenya has approximately 1.2 million practicing Seventh Day Adventists.


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  1. Mr. Matiang, the Lord is in control, it is not about you but God. This is history in the Kenyan nation. Let the school heads implement the directives from the minister. Thank you Hon. Matiang. God bless you.

  2. Thanks mr.matiangi.l pray other departments to consider adventists too,jobs,miltary,guards,prisons etc et cetera,and some adventists betray us,some have bad behaviours than pagans,they dont respect others in job,others steal,others drink others are immoral and others work on sabbath so it becomes stress when you are anewcomer asking for saturday off the boss gives you an example of your fellow adventists who have worked in the organization for more than years,our faith differs and so this has been my problem so l decided to stay at home with my journalism qualifications.

  3. my boy is so frighten of the class /head teacher because as he joins on Mondays he is usually beaten just because he misses classes on Saturday, I wish the headteacher and the class teachers is reading this article so that they stop punishing our kids because of the faith.

  4. The time for the truth of the sabbath has come for it to triumph over that spurious sabbath which is worldly thanks to God through His angel in the person of CS Matiang’i for that courageous move. God bless the cs for the good work. Children have suffered for a long time for being denied by evil men a day of rest: a blessed rest day.

  5. Great thanks to Lord our Heavenly God!
    God says that ” If you love Me keep my commandments” John 14:15.
    This is a time to everyone know that God’s word is good and true. It gives peaceful heart to any person who believe it.

    Thank you and thanks God!
    TIM: Total Members Involvement.

  6. Separate state from church and school from church. All types of learning should ONLY happen Monday to Friday. The CS is very wrong. It is not the state’s duty to force anyone to attend religious services. What a student does over the weekend should be his / her family’s business. There is NO designated day for ‘Sabbath’, Saturday is for the worship of Saturn (as the name implies), observance of Sabbath is a Jewish custom, we are not Jewish. We need to grow up.

    • It is well engraved in our Constitution that everyone has a right of worship. Ministry of education is making sure the pupils enjoy the rights

    • Exodus 20:8-11 “8- Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it Holy….. 10- But the seventh day is the Sabbath of the LORD thy God, …”
      God created you Karim, me, and all people, including the Jews.
      He is calling us ALLl to worship Him as our Creator!! not Jews alone.

    • Karim, you profess to know but you don’t know that you are ignorant. Read widely, especially the bible.

  7. In a world of many just a few stand firm to fight for the rights of his subjects. It is well engraved in our Constitution that everyone has a right of worship whilst others look down upon others rights. God’s time is always the best, He voiced it through His man for his children have continually suffered. May God bless you always

  8. This is a great job by this man of God Mr.Matiang’i. Students have suffered a lot especially Secondary,Colleges n university where this evil is deep rooted because of part time learning.

    • Mr.matiangi since independace1963,u are the only minister for Education who have brought change in our Education sector.GOD Has heard your voice,be blessed sana MR.MATIANG.Been in prison menu years, let lobour minister do the same,.

    • Hi Victor

      Sorry, at the time of writing this, we used a previous online record. We have since revised the numbers.

      Thanks and God bless


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