Kenya has more Fake Christians than Fake pastors

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The problem with Kenya is we wait for a pastor to be exposed, we write articles and reviews about his ‘fake miracles’ and on Sunday we go to another fake pastor to plant a seed for success or for a job.

Our salvation from these unscrupulous thieves in the name of God is reading the bible. How many fake pastors have you donated for in a bus because when he prayed he specifically asked ‘God’ for safe journey mercies and blessings to the ‘cheerful giver’?

How many times when you were tried did you rush to a man and quickly obliged with donations that never reached God? How many times have you forsaken the word of God and put trust in a man’s interpretation?

The bible is clear, give 10% as tithe, and the man of God is ‘cheap’ all he wants is Kshs 310 bob for your blessings to be ‘unlocked’ magically.

The bible is clear about baptism, yet you pay to have your small kids heads washed in the name of baptism. Where in the bible were kids baptised with no knowledge of good and evil? And when people were baptised, when were they poured on water?

The bible is clear about worship, yet you stick to the man who tells you God does not mind the day, you can work on God’s Sabbath and worship on another day. Only one day of the week did God sanctify, bless and set a part for worship, the seventh day Sabbath, yet the man of God lies to you that you can worship on Sunday-the day Christ arose from the grave. Even the disciples of Christ worshipped on Sabbath long after his resurrection.

The bible is clear about music, yet you are ok with people like Willy Paul dressing and shaving like the Devil’s agent, living a life that is not worth of the calling as long as their songs have ‘Jesus and God in it’. Their songs have become gospel truth to you yet they attach God to evil. Willy Paul makes God a small baby who shits on himself. He makes God ‘his lover’ who he misses. He has reduced the divinity in God to mere human babe yet his songs are sung both in churches and clubs.

Size 8 dances like she were in one of her secular songs and we long dance right behind her kicking the devil as much ‘mateke’ as we cna yet in reality the devil is right there cheering with us, dancing with us cos he knows all that praise is not God’s but his.

So today you put one man on the cross for his fake miracles and yet it is by fake miracles and fake teachings that you live by. Every Sunday you go to church and are decieved. You give not to God but to thieves. You worship on a day not venerated by God but by man. You trust the word that comes from a man but not the words that come from God.

And daily you pay the price of your ignorance. You trust a man who promises you riches in this world and not Christ who clearly said His Kingdom is not of this world. You trust a man who preaches to you of a long life of peace, yet Christ said His TRUE believers should expect no peace. For it is a war. The devil is waging a war on the saints of Christ living today.

How do you expect the devil to fight you when you are so comfortable following his agents? You think you live for Christ yet nothing in your life shows Christ. You expect to fight the devil yet you drink with him in clubs. You walk with the devil before your dressing table. The devil advices you to wear that mini skirt and you quickly oblige. When you  choose a movie to watch, it is that movie with that appeals to your fleshy passions and desires that you make your first choice. When you dance in church, it is those dance styles that you carried from the club. Your bible is dusted off Sunday to Sunday with a heavy wallet and a sexy smile to appease your pastor.

Your dressing is far from what the bible teaches. You drink like a fish all through the week and on Sunday you try to entice God with Kshs 310 as a seed. Your songs do not give glory to God but to the composers. Your love is not anywhere reflected on heavenly things but the world. In short, their is no difference between you and the world.

No, this pastor is not the liar. You are. You that follow such pastors, you that enrich their false ministries by trusting and paying for. You that are easily fooled by fake prophecies and miracles. You that flock their churches every Sunday and take their word as the gospel truth. You are fake. Your Christianity is fake and your worship is fake.

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