Kenya has started the process of legalizing gay and lesbian marriages

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Many a times I have written stuff here and on other blogs about things to come and these things indeed did come to pass. Now don’t get me wrong here, am not trying to lay claim that am a prophet, far from it.

My mom will look at the clouds and give me a jacket. Then it rains. Does that make my mom a prophetess? No! It just makes her someone who sees and understands certain signs.

So is Christianity. It is all about seeing the signs of the times and realize this is going to happen.

The United States legalized gay marriages in all 50 states. The president of the US whose father is a Kenyan, Barrack Obama is scheduled to arrive in Kenya later in the month. It is highly expected that part of his speech will be to rally the ‘rights’ of the LGBT community (Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexuals and Transgender).

The State House has already issued a statement that Obama will be free to speak about homosexuality.

“as kenyans we believe in freedom of speech. we cannot tell obama what he can or cannot say during his visit to kenya,” manoah esipisu, state house spokesman said on sunday, july 5, 2015.

I would be stupid if that was the last of it, but unfortunately it is not. The last three days, I have seen more posts than ever on Kenyan media discussing the legality of homosexuals. In a country where (if we have gays and lesbians), they make less than 1% of the populous, the media has started to seriously engage in discussing it at the end promoting it for free to those who never even considered it.


Now imagine a person up country who will cringe in disgust at the thought of a man and a man now listening to it on radio on whether we should let them get married. Something that was completely alien is being broadcast across the Nation!

Big names in Kenyan media have been implicated as gay or rumoured to be. These are the people promoting the discussion topics on radio every morning.

A certain radio station has been prominent in discussing every ill in Kenyan marriages. The duo for years have always sort the worst of topics regarding marriage and discuss it endlessly with today’s topic bringing tomorrow’s topic and so on. These people have trampled on the God ordained marriage, trampled on it, ridiculed it and made it nothing short of a disaster. We can only assume when you discourage one thing you are promoting the other.

The same radio stations have aired confessions on how certain members of parliament have been involved in gay relationships that have gone sour.

So now, we have a state house that has compromised Kenya’s stance on the question of homosexuality. We have a media that is now for free promoting homosexuality and watering down the minds of Kenyans in telling them that gay marriages is ok. And we have a parliament that has members who are practising homosexuality.

As a Christian, this is a war you have already lost. No pastor nor clergy is vocal in condemning this right now (no pastor apparently wants to cast the first stone). The same pastors are in bed with politicians for financial gains. It is only a matter of time.

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