How Kenya Sunday service becomes an abomination

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Wow  not that I do TV but today I just found myself in a situation where am seated in front of one and there is a “church service” where praise and worship is with a “dj” and freestyle dancers really doing their thing. Apparently sponsored by a TV station, these guys ‘took’ worship to Multi-Media University and at the end of this article, I believe they actually took away any worship that was to be there and instead took entertainment to the students.

The dj is busy mixing one chorus after the other to the “joy” of the worshipers who are clapping cheering at the dancers who are also really moving it…..oops another song JC anabamba-am not sure you do not know the song-the way the DJ mixes the songs means he ahs actually willy-size-8done some really studying-he makes the beats at the interchange appeal to even I who is trying to type start moving my legs……now the worshipers are getting “loose” dancing. You can see the students moving around, evidently some are shy knowing they are being recorded  but the not so shy have been overtaken by the appeal of music and are showing ‘what their mama gave them’.

Now we are at the song “kunywa maji” everyone is moving along drinking that water today for service. Understandably the artist who wrote the song may have had worship at the heart but today we are not even thinking about the lyrics. We are not dancing on ‘Kunywa Maji’ we are dancing on the beats. Pu pu pu pu……the Dj has taken over our hearts, the music is so strong

More fire….the dj scratching the disc welcoming the song “wuratete”. Wow, that song is famous. All students are cheering now, WURATETE< WURATETE….kila siku tuna juu…wuratete (am not even sure i know the words, all you needed was WURATETE)  everyone jumping up and down singing After all, the DJ was not even letting the songs play, its just the WURATETE….the dj releases another hit “yesu christo anakuita” the dancing is now more of dombolo. A haleluya is thrown here and there but really, we are dancing yay…we are worshiping.

See there is a huge difference between worship and entertainment. Songs are a very intricate and passionate part of worship that the devil has so far tainted and made it what destroys our worship. The bible says that in Heaven, angels worship to God is the form of music, something that we mortals only pray we can be a part of, join the Angels in singing praise to our savior. With countless music instruments the Angels combine a harmonic master piece of music that indeed is worth to be worship.

God says our worship and prayer need to ascend to him like sweet fragrance. That he looks for people who will worship in “truth and spirit” where truth is Holy Word. Truth is for us to go back to the Bible and find how God intends us to be worshiped. Christ while on earth showed us an example. He would, on Sabbath go to the temple and read the Bible. He would then teach people about the relevance of what he had read and their lives (in that case He would read the prophecies that pointed to His coming). Music as a part of worship if not carefully selected and used, distorts that worship and destroys the very essence of that service.

The songs in this worship have no form of glory or praise but simple entertainment. The beats have no holistic approach to worship. The dancing appeals to the physical desire not the spiritual. The mixing of songs has no purpose whatsoever in God’s worship but again entertainment. Each song (if carefully written-forget the Kenyan secular music that is forced to be gospel), has a great message. Indeed songs can be sermon if well written and sung. There is zero point in amplifying musical beats in a church setting to appeal to people to dance and forget the whole importance of music in that worship.

Unfortunately these are our churches today. Fooled to think we have made our ways right with God we jump and dance singing and go home as empty as we had gone to church. We tend to think our worship is acceptable to God as is, forgetting this was the same worship rejected years ago.

When the Baal priests prayed to their gods on the mount, just as today they danced and shouted. They prayed and sang. They flocked themselves and rolled on the ground the whole afternoon.

We do not attract the attention of God by countless mixes and songs. Our screams and dance styles only appeal to our physical selves not spiritual. Let’s not even go to our dressing at this point.size8performing

We may gather in churches and “piga the devil mateke” when in essence it’s the spirit of God we are chasing away and when we walk home, the devil walks with us.

Maybe we need to look back and find that T junction where we left God and turn back to Him.

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