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Kenyan Christians should take up guns. What does the Bible say about war?

Kenyan Christians should take up guns. What does the Bible say about war?

It is an error to say that God never supports a war. Jesus is not a pacifist. In a world filled with evil people, sometimes war is necessary to prevent even greater evil. If Hitler had not been defeated by World War II, how many more millions would have been killed? If the American Civil War had not been fought, how much longer would African-Americans have had to suffer as slaves?

War is a terrible thing. Some wars are more “just” than others, but war is always the result of sin (Romans 3:10-18). At the same time, Ecclesiastes 3:8 declares, “There is…a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.” In a world filled with sin, hatred, and evil (Romans 3:10-18), war is inevitable. Christians should not desire war, but neither are Christians to oppose the government God has placed in authority over them (Romans 13:1-4; 1 Peter 2:17). The most important thing we can be doing in a time of war is to be praying for godly wisdom for our leaders, praying for the safety of our military, praying for quick resolution to conflicts, and praying for a minimum of casualties among civilians on both sides (Philippians 4:6-7).

Yes Christ teaches us to not give an eye for an eye and to turn the other cheek…but hey, what was the context? Slap me on the left cheek i won’t hit you back, but kill my son because your religion thinks you are a jihadist, do not expect me to give you my daghter to kill as well.

These terrorists have declared war on all Christians in Kenya. This is simply that, we are at war. If Christians have to remain Christians, then we have to fight to defend that right to worship God without fear.

Let us assume the students at Garissa had been trained to fight. Let us assume they had guns to defend themselves by virtue of where they were. More than 600 students would have easily defended the institution and maybe we would be talking of fewer lives lost, not 147 and counting!

The notion that Christians must take all sorts of hatred and anarchy while seated is a lie. We are at war. We can not fight the al shaabab with bibles and love when they come to us with grenades and bullets.

The terrorists are teaching their kids and ours as well that it is wrong to be a Christian in Kenya. That being a christian you deserve a bullet in the back of your head. We have to teach them and our kids that every person has a right to worship with out fear and if that means taking up guns and fighting, then so be it.