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Kenyan Gay ‘Pastor’ Weds Boyfriend, First Gay Marriage In Kenya

Kenyan Gay ‘Pastor’ Weds Boyfriend, First Gay Marriage In Kenya



The Gay Agenda seems to have taken roots in Kenya if the recent reports are to go with.

On March 16, 2015, two male Kenyans, Edwin Sikot and Isaiah made official their relationship and ‘wedded’. Am having a hard time using the word wed in the same sentence with tow males.

Though the laws of Kenya currently do not recognize same-sex marriage, this did not stop the two from gathering about 20 witnesses to their marriage.

Unfortunately that is not the end of it. Edwin is a 37-year-old pastor in the Lutheran church, and Isaiah, a 25-year-old laborer.

They revealed this truth while being interviewed by one Rev. Stephen Parelli and Jose Ortiz, in the presence of Rev. Michael Kimindu who are spearheading gay marriages into Africa. Their interview is documented on the website Other Sheep.

Reading through the website, one can reveal that they are proponents of gay marriage and are using the bible to prove that God did not actually condemn gay marriage.

In one of the articles from the website, they claim that Sodom and Gomorrah was not destroyed for gay marriages but for attempted rape and being hostile to strangers. According to them, the bible does not necessarily condemn gay marriages.

Their interview was done in July of this year.

This comes after President Uhuru said that the gay agenda is a ‘non-issue’ to Kenya and Kenyans at large. During the press briefing with US President Obama, Uhuru stated that Kenya has much more pressing issues for which he would want to focus on.

It probably is just a matter of time before the gay agenda becomes an issue and unfortunately the bible and traditional marriage looses.

It is still unclear how many people have married in secret but through the discreet working of The Other Sheep, the website is full of men who are ‘hooking’ up with other men and moving around the world to promote homosexuality.