Kenyan Man Ordered To Join As His Daughters Are Raped During Post Election Violence

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A father was ordered to join in as his daughters were gang raped. He refused… so they raped him as well: Victims reveal ordeals suffered during two-month spate of sex attacks across Kenya

Hundreds of victims of brutal rapes and sexual assaults carried out during one of the most chaotic periods of Kenya’s history have spoken of their horrifying ordeals.

Among them are an elderly father who was ordered to join in when a group of young men gang-raped his daughters. When he refused, they stripped him of his clothes and took turns raping him as well.


The man, only identified as Joseph N., 83, spoke of how a group of 50 youths attacked his home and raped him and his two daughters, both of whom later died as a result of the assaults.

‘They hit me with a metal bar and some teeth came off. They pulled out some of my other teeth one by one. They broke my chin.

‘They beat and raped both my daughters; so many of them. Then they told me to rape my children. I refused,’ he told Human Rights Watch.

‘They said, “If you don’t want to do what we are telling you, you will be our wife”. Six boys took me aside and told me to undress. I refused. ‘They did a very bad thing to me. They made me their wife; they made me a homosexual.’

Joseph N. reveals one of his daughters contracted HIV as a result of the rape, and died in June 2014.

His second daughter never recovered from the injuries she sustained in the attack, which included being shot with a poisoned arrow, and she died in May last year.

Several victims describe how the perpetrators used foreign objects during the rapes, inserting everything from guns to bottles in their vaginas.

One survivor from Mombasa told of how she was raped using a gun, while another was so badly abused with sticks that her uterus had to be removed.

Another woman, identified only as Mwanaidi H. was raped by officers of the General Service Unit (GSU), the para-military wing of the Kenyan Police Force, when she was seven months pregnant.

She was subjected to such brutal rape and assault that her baby died inside her.

Nyasiongo F., aged 24, was gang raped with her then 12-year-old sister, who was subjected to such a violent sexual assault she suffered a brain injury.


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