Kenyan pastor buys Range Rover and brags on Facebook

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A Kenyan Pastor, one Erick Mwangi just got a new Range Rover and he has a message for you, ‘He spends on God’s account!’. This theoretically would mean, the tithes and offerings you give? Well, they just paid for the Range Rover.

The pastor, who apparently is a ‘minister’ in one NEWBREED CHAPEL. His Facebook page is full of praises for this Church which he describes as A VIBRANT & POWERFUL CHURCH FULL OF LOVE PURPOSE & DOMINION…


The Church has two main services on Sunday, a morning one that is a PROPHETIC PRAYER & IMPARTATION SERVICE & OUR MAIN DOMINION SERVICE FRM 10:30AM – 1:30PM

It is a pity that whilst they have a service for prophecy, their teachings simply negate certain elements of prophecy in which they live contrary to.

This is yet another bigger picture of false prophets who have made the teachings of God a business venture. He joins the ranks of other pastors fundraising to buy planes in the name of ‘reaching to the world’.

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