Kenyan Student Leader To Give Pope List Of 31 Bishops “Sleeping” With University Girls During Visit

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Several Bishops and Priests in  Kenya are living in constant fear after the Nairobi University Students Leader said he would be giving the Pope a list of at least 31 bishops and priests allegedly known to be sleeping around with University girls.

The student leader, babu Owino has been known to make serious allegations and stand by them, this occasioning the Bishops reason to cease celebrating the visit by their ‘holy father’ later in the month.


Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Kenya for a three day visit and plans have been in high gear in anticipation for the visit with the same Bishops appealing to members of the public to help raise Kshs 100 million that they plan to spend to host the Pope.

One Bishop in a Whatsapp conversation that has been leaked to the internet is seen appealing to Babu Owino not to release the list even at some point asking him ‘how much’ it will take to buy his silence over the matter.

The Catholic church has been hit globally with accusations of pedophilia among the Bishops and now in Kenya it appears that is combined with more allegations of the Priests and Bishops using university girls for their sexual gratification.

Being a Bishop in the catholic Church calls for celibacy, a situation that continues to prove to be more theoretical than practical yet the Church has failed to simply allow their Bishops to marry.

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