Kenyans hearts poured out to Baby Satrin

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A normal Church event turned tragic when agents of terror stormed a church and unleashed terror to the innocent unarmed civilians in the building. The whole act perpetrated by people who carry with them the name of religion seemed targeted and precise and its fruits seemed to have justified exactly what their mission was-to cause terror.

For Satrin, the innocent small boy who was in his mother’s arms, that is a day no other person would wish to be in. A situation so tragic and sad the kidn people will probably spend the rest of their lives talking to a psychiatrist. In the trail of bullets flying around, his mother shielded him taking a bullet that unfortunately cost her life and ended up being lodged in Satrin’s head.

Satrin was later transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital for specialized attention with the government coming forward to handle all medical bills. The doctors at the hospital have the daunting task of deciding whether the bullet can be removed and save his life or he can live with a literal cold reminder of his mothers killer lodged in his mind-again quite literally.

Kenyans on social media out poured their condolences for the loss of the mother and prayers and well wishes to Satrin, his father and brother at this most tragic and very very trying time.

Here are some thousands of prayer and well wishes that we saw

Friends, let us pray for this young child and his brother they are now motherless. The child's mother was involved in…

Posted by Bible Study on Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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Here at we pray for strength at this painful trying time and wish Satrina quick recovery in Jesus Name.

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