Killing in the name of religion has always happened, why is ISIS different?

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Thanks to the internet and the phone, the world every morning wakes up to shocking news of how Christian faithful are tortured and killed by ISIS militants.

The group which started in Syria is fast spreading across boundaries with recent killings in Egypt and attacks in Embassies.

What makes this group so different is the fact that they can broadcast their heinous crimes and within seconds, the whole world is updated.

In what to them is ‘creating’ a caliphate, they have left scores of dead, women and children a like a trail of blood that has quizzically brought them to the face of the most dangerous criminal organization in the world.

But before we stand up to condemn them, and maybe a way to stop them is understanding their ideology. Of course killing in the name of religion has happened since time immemorial and by the look of things, this may not end any time soon.

It all started with Cain and Abel, and throughout the bible we get many examples of Christians being tortured and killed for their faith or they Christians doing the killings. Moses and the Israelites’ journey from Egypt to the Promised Land caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

Am sure if the sojourners of those lands had Twitter, Facebook, youtube etc, the script would have been totally different. If America existed then, probably Moses and his group would have been bombed int he 40yrs they had to spend in the desert.

Noah and his family were saved while the world was destroyed in floods. Let us assume for a moment his children had smart phones? The selfies would have been like, “That guy just drowned while we in an ark, EPIC!”

Look at David. From a  young age, he faces a man that had made his career to insult God and kill Israelites. David after striking the man down with a stone, he goes ahead and decapitates him. He stands on the man’s body holding his head ‘quite literally’.

I am in no way justifying the barbaric acts of ISIS today, but it reeks of betrayal that we fail to accept the fact that killing in the name of religion has and always will be a part of us.

The catholic Church in itself was responsible for the killing of more than 50 million people during their inquisition. That really makes ISIS child’s play right?

The only reason ISIS is different is because the world has become one tiny place. What happens in Syria gets around the world in seconds. Am sure it would have taken a man on horse risking life to cross the Syrian border and tell someone else who would have got another horse and spread the news. The facts would be distorted along the way.

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