‘My knees are shaking’: Jesus Christ’s ‘tomb’ seen for first time (VIDEO)

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Further details of the supposed burial tomb of Jesus Christ have been revealed by researchers in Jerusalem. The limestone slab where Christ is said to have been placed has been exposed along with part of the original wall.

The research team working at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre detected the original limestone shelf, known as a “burial bed”, last week but have now been able to reveal the fully intact “Holy Rock” in full, according to National Geographic.

“I’m absolutely amazed. My knees are shaking a little bit because I wasn’t expecting this,” Fredrik Hiebert, one of the archaeologists involved in the project said.

“We can’t say 100 percent, but it appears to be visible proof that the location of the tomb has not shifted through time, something that scientists and historians have wondered for decades.”

Part of the original cave wall has also been revealed with the team cutting a window into the side of the tomb to view it. “This is the Holy Rock that has been revered for centuries, but only now can actually be seen,” said professor Antonia Moropoulou, who is directing the project.

When marble cladding was first removed from the tomb it revealed a layer of fill material. After hours of removing this, another marble slab with a cross etched into it was uncovered. This slab was taken away for a short time by the team, exposing the original burial slab where Jesus is believed to have lain before his resurrection.

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