This lady’s dreams to visit China will finally come true

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According to her, a visit to China was a dream, something that she passionately desired in her heart. Just like the rest of us, with dreams that at times seem beyond our grasp.

And so with the help of her friends, she made a virtual trip to China-right from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nariobi, Kenya-she scaled the great walls of China, made friends, and came back home safely-right from Adobe’s application, Photoshop.

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And she shared her joy with the world, proudly sharing her dream trip on Social media. Thanks to Kenyans on social media, her dream will now happen. Not one photo, as many as her charge on the phone or camera will take.

Kenyans have joined hands to provide her with a 4 Star vacation to China all expenses paid including some money to spend while there.

Her story has motivated an online fanatical following to her Facebook timeline as people feel encouraged on how passionate one can believe in their dreams and how possible it is to actually live those dreams.

Your dream too should inspire you!

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