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Letter From The Pope To The Jewish People

Letter From The Pope To The Jewish People


It has been quite a while. I remember the last time we interacted, one of my predecessors had declared you heretics and with that a war that lead to one of the darkest phases of history for you and our church.

It is about time that we correct all these mistakes and It will be only fair that in building a global community of love and tolerance, one that lacks religious extremism, we all come to some areas of compromise to make this work.

To start off, you guys killed Jesus. In real sense, you guys started all these religious extremism in the first place. You did not believe in him and killed him. We are not coming to you with law suits over the murder of an innocent person. Actually we are coming with you in peace.

If you may not be aware, I am the official representative of Christ here on earth. Through the very first pope Peter, I have the power to bound anything here on earth and up in heaven as well as loose anything here on earth and up in heaven. So far a start, we will also make a compromise.

Unlike our other Christian denominations (they call themselves protestants), who believe that without Christ no one is saved, we take very special regard that through your lineage Christ was born. As such, though it is only thanks to Christ’s death and resurrection that all people have the chance of salvation, Jews can benefit from this without believing in him. Yes, we have let loose this barrier to your salvation.

We hope this eternal gift can go along way in helping mend fences over what my predecessors did to your people back then. We also regrettably apologize for the support we extended to Hitler during that time period. It was never a personal attack on you people, we simply banked on a guy we thought would win, though unfortunately to us both he did not.

As I pen up, let us forget all the religious tensions that is happening around the world and work with us to unite all people under one God. As I have always said, Muslims are our brothers and sisters. We all in essence worship the very same God. So work with us to uniting the whole world.

As you may have learnt from the news, I recently visited Africa and touched down in Kenya as well as Central Africa Republic. These are countries that have in the recent past been attacked by Islamic extremists and the message I took to them is that we all are brothers and sisters worshiping the same God. I will work hard to pass the same message to our Palestinian brothers and sisters as well as those in Syria.

All the fighting has to stop. As a representative of Christ who is God, I speak for the voice of God, I bring the message of God, that of peace, love and unity. If we all can unite and fight our common fore, Climate Change, we can make this world a whole better place for our future generations.