London issue new police warning in face of terrorist attacks – Run-Hide-Tell

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Saturday night’s terrorist incidents in London prompted the first useof a new police warning to the public, to “run, hide, tell” in the event of an attack.

As the incident was underway, the London Metropolitan police issued an alert through social media channels, warning people in the area to run away from any threat, rather than surrender or attempt to negotiate. If that wasn’t possible, they should instead hide, turn their phone to silent and barricade themselves in before calling police.

Many people out in London did not get the chance. Others, according to reports, instead took on the attackers head-on in an attempt to rescue victims, fighting back with chairs and pint glasses.

In an information video about the new campaign, assistant commissioner Mark Rowley said the instructions were based on proven advice.

“Everyone’s aware of the terrorism challenges across the world,” he said. “It can never cater for every possible eventuality and, if someone acts on instinct and perhaps decides to fight because they have no choice, we would never criticise them for that.”

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