Male Legislative Librarian Who Identifies as Female Sues State of Alaska for Not Covering ‘Gender Reassignment’ Surgery

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A legislative librarian for the State of Alaska who was born male but identifies as female has sued the State after being informed that “AlaskaCare does not cover gender reassignment surgery.”

The 36-year-old librarian, who goes by the name Jennifer Fletcher, obtained the desired operations last year, but ended up paying out of pocket.

“This diverted financial resources that … Fletcher would have been able to use to pay off … student loans and other debt,” the legal challenge, filed by the homosexual and transgender advocacy group Lambda Legal, reads.

It contends that AlaskaCare’s blanket exclusion of surgeries relating to gender dysphoria, in deeming such procedures to be medically unnecessary, deprives Fletcher and others of “equal dignity” and sends a message that “Fletcher’s worth as an employee is lesser than others, since the exclusion deprives [him] of compensation that other employees receive.”

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