Man Kills His New Wife on Honeymoon When He Finds Out Who She REALLY Is

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A 19-year-old bride was strangled to death, according to Pakistani newspaper Indus News, for not being who the husband thought she was when he married her.

The girl had been recently married to her cousin, Qalandar Bux Khokhar, who claimed that the girl was presented to him as an “undefiled bride” — but he found her not to be. He claims she had had sexual partners prior to him and that, after discovering this, he had simply no other option but to kill her on the day after the wedding to preserve his honor.

 While Mad World News claimed that 91 percent of these “honor killings” take place within the Muslim community, it is not known whether Khokhar is a Muslim. Islam is, however, the national religion of Pakistan, and 95 percent or more of the country’s population identify themselves as Muslims.

In an interesting twist, the father of the murdered girl has claimed that he will seek physical revenge under the same Shariah Law that allows the kind of honor killing that was employed by Khokhar.

While Khokhar was on the run from police, the girl’s father vowed to kill him should he ever be found.

It appears possible that Shariah Law could permit a series of indefinite killings that are permitted, started by a single permitted act.

While America struggles to make it easier to import people of the Muslim faith who practice these acts, it is important

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