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Many People Don’t Realize They Are Demon Possessed, Here Is How To Cast Them Away

Many People Don’t Realize They Are Demon Possessed, Here Is How To Cast Them Away

Revelation 16:13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. 14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

Demon possession is now becoming a prevalent issue in an Adventist world which does not embrace the existence of the same.. or doesn’t want to talk about it. When we study scripture, we find that this unfamiliar spirits will work miracles, preparing the masses for the great battle of Armageddon.

For those who are fans of these demons, those who breed and work to please these demons.. word comes out that demons are not only selfish, they are very violent, some are powerful, they are of different strengths and temperaments. Here, they are called guiding spirits. They always demand blood, they do not have to kill you to drink you blood. Waking up in the morning with dry eyes, dry mouth, shows that someone sent demons to drink your blood whilst you were sleeping. Those who have signed pacts with demons, always have to please the demons and to pay for anything and everything.

Putting demons in children is very rampant in our society and institutions today, but a few parents get to know.. This demons are put into children by a second or third party, teacher, house-help, grandparents, aunties, uncles etc.

The manifestation is usually acute behavior changes.. change in body movements while asleep,body jerks, snake movements, child moving to end of bed, disease, headache, earache, urination in bed, defecation, rebellious child, hyperactive child, tantrum child, violent behavior etc, etc.. Most of the manifestations are clearly seen between 12 midnight and 3.00 am.. This demons will live in the child, and will later lead the child to sign the luciferic covenant..

Demons like dim blue red green lights, filthy places, garlic, dark dirty places, luke warm christians.. etc, etc.. double minded people.

Demons dislike hymns, scriptures, prayers, urine, feaces.. demons cannot stand more than 3 days fasting.

14237470_10154510180876726_7028778288996574057_nThese are three main furniture that are found in the HOLY PLACE of the sanctuary.. and are safeguards from these evil spirits.. The table of shrew bread is basically reading your scriptures.. None but those whose minds are fortified with scriptures will be able to withstand this coming spiritual warfare. Its gonna be very intense..

14291817_10154510190446726_2634287682312337130_nDemons of alcoholism, homosexuality, promiscuity and drug addiction and some diseases are extremely difficult… and require chronic prayer and fasting to be cast out.. Prayers of the saints are basically at the alter of incense..

Sacrifice of PRAISE.. and sacrifice of LIFTING UP YOUR HANDS in prayer or praise is very powerful.. Remember David drove demons out of Saul by playing psalms/hymns. Play an audio Bible or Hymns collection all night.

If you want to be sure that demons are nowhere near you and you family.. SPREAD THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL and minister to people in their sufferings.. this is the MENORAH.. My dear brother and sister.. in the world we are headed to right now.. be sure you might have to be required to cast out demons from someone.

You cannot drive out demons if you are not sanctified, you need to ask Jesus to forgive you your sins and to fill you with His Holyspirit, it is even better when Jesus Himself commissions you to cast out this demons.. You need to be insync with God to cast out demons.. Anyone who believes can cast out demons.

There are alot of people right now in need of help.. This is every sensitive issue but is becoming rampant as the world increases in sinfulness.

Pray whilst kneeling down and lifting up your hands.. More importantly, mention the NAME OF JESUS.. God is gonna teach you.

Demons come out IMMEDIATELY by yawning, coughing, vomiting etc etc.. they are just a pest… it needs you to have faith and believe.

Sometimes some demons simply refuse to come out because they have been warned to be harmed if they dare come out, don’t dare go into communication with demons..In this case, humbly request our saviour Jesus Christ to come and ward them out and guide them out.

Pray the convocation prayer, and the Lord’s prayer if being disturbed by demons.¬†Some demons are extremely powerful.. but remember that A DEMON IS NOTHING BEFORE THE SOVEREIGN GOD OF THE UNIVERSE.

All night singing of praises to God will simply confuse the demons.. the demons must know that you do not play games..

Demons will never depart from someone, if they have their stuff. like bangles, ear rings, weaves usually carry alot of demonic power, and have to be removed when removing the demons.  In another case in Johannesburg Central church where demons were being removed from this lady.. the demons claimed that the woman has their braids.. so the braids had to be chopped off from the woman.. and she was loosed.

One thing that the devil has succeeded in doing is deceiving people that he can read their mind.. The devil can control people’s minds.. but THE DEVIL CANNOT READ ANYONE’S MIND.. but he has studied human very carefully over years and he knows exactly what you have done, and what you will do next.. but never can enter your mind.. So, what everyone must start doing is communicating with God in their mind.. no leakage.. repent everything.. confess.. there is nothing that has been done in this world that the blood of Jesus cannot cover.. the blood of Jesus is extremely powerful and HAS PAID FOR ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING DEAR.. so there is nothing like debt.. everyone should simply claim that blood that Jesus specifically shed for you.. then tell God their desire.. and then tell God, they have left themselves UNDER GOD’S CONTROL… no speaking.. JUST IN THE MIND.

FOR ANY SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST.. I usually tell my friends THERE IS NO CLOSED DEAL FOR ANYONE AT THIS POINT IN TIME.. many people are just in bondage because of deception.. GOD CAN SAVE YOU ANYTIME.. AND NO ONE IS GREATER THAN GOD.. the demons, the devil.. are nothing before God.. are nothing before the heavenly council.. The only problem we have is TRUST.. Trusting in God to deliver.. and believing.. BELIEVING IN THE BIBLE you have in your bedroom. Compiled by Stella Williams