Married lesbian couple jointly ordained as ministers by the Presbyterian Church in US ceremony

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A same-sex couple in the US have become the first lesbian pair to be jointly ordained ministers by the Presbyterian Church.
Reverends Kaci and Holly Clarke-Porter attended their joint ordination ceremony at the First and Central Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, Delaware, on Sunday afternoon last week.

The ceremony comes shortly after members of the national American church voted to expand the church’s definition of marriage, recognising it to be between two individuals rather than simply a man and a woman.

“I hope that we keep each other energetic and that we’ll continue to hold each other accountable to our ordinations and fight for social justice together,” Holly, 29 told The Huffington Post.

Holly, who like her wife was born and raised in Texas, stepped into the breach after Kaci realised she was not suited for the role of associate pastor at First and Central. She’s now the church’s first openly gay clergy member.

Meanwhile, Kaci, 33, took up the role of pastor of the Big Gay Church, a community for LGBTQ Christians.

She said that the most rewarding part of her role as is being able to reassure those members of the LGBTQ community about aspects of their lives and choices.

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