Masturbation – Self-Abuse

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Some who make a high profession do not understand the sin of self-abuse and its sure results. Long-established habit has blinded their understanding. They do not realize the exceeding sinfulness of this degrading sin, WHICH IS ENERVATING THE SYSTEM AND DESTROYING THEIR BRAIN NERVE POWER. MORAL PRINCIPLE IS EXCEEDINGLY WEAK WHEN IT CONFLICTS WITH ESTABLISHED HABIT. Solemn messages from heaven cannot forcibly impress the heart that is not fortified against the indulgence of this degrading vice. THE SENSITIVE NERVES OF THE BRAIN HAVE LOST THEIR HEALTHY TONE BY MORBID EXCITATION TO GRATIFY AN UNNATURAL DESIRE FOR SENSUAL INDULGENCE. The brain nerves which communicate with the entire system are the only medium through which Heaven can communicate to man and affect his inmost life. Whatever disturbs the circulation of the electric currents in the nervous system lessens the strength of the vital powers, and the result is a deadening of the sensibilities of the mind. In consideration of these facts, how important that ministers and people who profess godliness should stand forth clear and untainted from this soul-debasing vice! {2T 347.2}

Children who practice self-indulgence (masturbation) previous to puberty, or the period of merging into manhood or womanhood, must pay the penalty of nature’s violated laws at that critical period. Many sink into an early grave, while others have sufficient force of constitution to pass this ordeal. If the practice is continued from the age of fifteen and upward, nature will protest against the abuse she has suffered, and continues to suffer, and will make them pay the penalty for the transgression of her laws, especially from the ages of thirty to forty-five, BY NUMEROUS PAINS IN THE SYSTEM, AND VARIOUS DISEASES, SUCH AS AFFECTION OF THE LIVER AND LUNGS, NEURALGIA, RHEUMATISM, AFFECTION OF THE SPINE, DISEASED KIDNEYS, AND CANCEROUS HUMORS. SOME OF NATURE’S FINE MACHINERY GIVES WAY, LEAVING A HEAVIER TASK FOR THE REMAINING TO PERFORM, WHICH DISORDERS NATURE’S FINE arrangement, and there is often a sudden breaking down of the constitution; and death is the result.” (Solemn Appeal, 1870, p.63).

Young girls are not as a general thing clear of the crime of self-abuse. THEY PRACTICE IT, and, as the result, their constitutions are being ruined. Some who are just entering womanhood are in danger of paralysis of the brain. Already the moral and intellectual powers are weakened and benumbed, while the animal passions are gaining the ascendancy and corrupting body and soul. The youth, whether male or female, cannot be Christians unless they entirely cease to practice this hellish, soul-and-body-destroying vice. {2T 409.1}

I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. Romans 12:1

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